All cultures, all locations.
Global video communications.


  • Yobored has an option to post for any opportunity. See something awesome you want to tell everyone about? Tap to record a video and share it with the world! Got a sweet video from that concert everyone's talking about? Upload it from your gallery and post it to a local channel! Whatever the occasion, you can Yobored it!


  • Find the best of your local area with the Yobored map. Take a look at where the top trending places and posts in your city are. Check out reviews of places around you before you go in, and even chat with your neighbors on City chat!


  • The Yobored feed is totally customizable. Select your favorite user created channels to enjoy local and global content based on your interests. You can easily make your own channel too; just choose a name and who can post!. Share an exclusive channel with just your best friends by adding them to your VIP, or build a channel of your favorite user's by joining their fan clubs!

Level Up

  • Compete with your friends for the highest level! You can gain XP and level up by posting good content, getting upvotes on your posts, adding friends, and even visiting your favorite restaurant, park, or hangout spot.


  • Yo! Let's hangout! Meet new people around town with similar interests by joining hangouts. Find local events to attend and activities in the city to fill your day. Start something new and make your own hangout!


  • Watch live streams and videos from all over the world on Yobored TV. Check out different channels, see what's trending around the world and join the conversation in the comments. Start uploading your own videos and you can earn tips for your best content!